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My Daily Plan

A 90-Day Planner

Daily Goal Setting Journal



Welcome to the My Daily Plan journal!

This journal was created for you to keep your goals front and center in your life.

My hope is that alongside your everyday to-do list, you get into the habit of writing down your top goals on a daily basis.

This is an 8.5” x 11” notebook so that you have plenty of space to write your goals, action plans, and any creative ideas and life lessons that come to mind.  I wanted you to be able to review your goals every day, while still using the same book as a daily planner.

Like many of you, December is my favorite time of year to find some quiet space, write down my goals, and plan the upcoming year.

But in the past, this had been the only time that I wrote down my goals, thinking that was enough to get me through the year. And the little notebook where I wrote down my plans would eventually be put away in a drawer or covered under mounds of paperwork on my desk.

Then by March, I would be off track. My New Year’s “Resolutions” would be pushed to the back of my mind, and the mundane tasks of everyday life would take over. I would become frustrated and feel defeated that none of my ideas were coming along as I had planned.


But I have since learned that planning my year (just once a year) is not mydailyplanredcoverpicenough.

We should see our aspirations in written format on a daily basis as a reminder to visualize them, plan them, and take action.

Most likely, deep down in your heart, you are well aware that you have an inner calling. 

God made you on this earth to accomplish many things, big and small.

We should strive to do our best to accomplish our dreams, within reason and within its appropriate season.

We may not be able to accomplish everything that has been pressed on our hearts, and I think we need to be okay with that.

However, we should make the most of our days in whatever we do, and grow in the understanding of ourselves and of others.

So let’s not waste a moment longer! 

Have you ever wanted to…

  • Change careers or start your own business?

  • Write a book?

  • Move or travel to another country?

  • Work from home or on the road?

  • Spend more time with your family?

Write down your aspirations, and now they are your goals.

mydailyplanherscoverpic-final-jpegYour dreams are important.  Visualize them. Pray about them. Think about the steps you need to take in order to accomplish them.

Then get your ideas out of your head and down on paper.

Put a date of completion to each of them. Do your best at this moment in time to stay on track.

Don’t get discouraged if something doesn’t happen in the exact timeline you chose.

Life happens. Emergencies happen. Things come up and we get distracted from our original plans.

Or we simply change our minds.

A goal that was important to us a year or two ago may no longer feel like our calling, while other goals have now stepped up in importance.

And then there are those dreams that only get stronger with time.

I believe we need to see our written goals every day.

We should revise and update them at least every three months to stay on track.

Remember, it’s the small steps you take now that will have your goals accomplished later on in your life.

So review your goals daily.


Write down your top goals every day!


Are you working on a creative project of some kind? Write it down every day.

Revise and update your Core Areas of Attention at least every three months.

Surround yourself with encouraging people, and be encouraging to others.

Put in the hard work to make your days grow better.

And most importantly – have faith!

Ask God to set you on the path you should go, and be open to good opportunities as they find their way to you.


Inside you will find:

  • Core Area of Attention Pages: On these pages you can write down your goals and action plans in detail and be able to review them on a daily basis.

  • A ONE YEAR TIMELINE AT A GLANCE: Plan your year on a month-to-month basis. Review your plans every day to stay on track.

  • MY DAILY PLAN PAGES, A 90-DAY PLANNER: Schedule your day. Write your to-do list. Jot down your Top Goals and your Creative Work in Progress (CWIP). Write down your memory verse or quote of the day. Write down your successes for the day, what you need to work on tomorrow, and what you are grateful for, all on one simple daily page.

  • NOTES PAGES: Lined pages for you to write your thoughts, ideas, and life lessons.

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