The Tallulah Spider Children’s Books

Fanny Lu Has the Flu! 

Oh No!

Fanny-Lu is not feeling well!

So her best friends Tallulah, Charlie, and Kitty-Witty make their way through the cold, wind, and snow to visit Fanny-Lu.

They want to take care of her until she feels better.

What could possibly go wrong?


Tallulah Spider Meets Charlie the Chihuahua

Tallulah Spider has a new pet!

Meet Charlie the Chihuahua, the adorable new member of her family.

But, Kitty-Witty the Cat is waiting at home.

Can cats and dogs get along?


 Tallulah Spider Goes RVing!

Come along with Tallulah Spider and her friends,

as they head out on an RVing adventure!


 Tallulah Gives Thanks To God

Tallulah Spider is grateful for everything she has.

So throughout her day, she gives thanks to God for all things in her life.

Tallulah and the Missing Freckle

Tallulah Spider has a very important job to do.

Can she help Fanny-Lu find her lost freckle?


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Tallulah’s Snow

Tallulah Spider loves her fun-filled summer days,

but she can’t help daydreaming about winter’s wonderful snow.

Tallulah Snow Website Pic

Tallulah the Pretty Spider on a Yo-Yo

Grab a colorful yo-yo and come along on a cheerful ride with

~Tallulah Spider~

We’ll roll over snowy mountains, paddle over calm waters, and more!

Tallulah Yo-Yo,Website Pic