Hi, Friends!


The weather here in Southern Nevada is way too hot!  When we get fidgety from being stuck indoors all day, we

love to head out to the library and spend the day there. And besides, I can never say no to a library trip. :)


I’m thrilled to announce my newest book in the Tallulah Spider series, Fanny-Lu Has the Flu!, is now available.

I had tons of fun making this little rhyming book. I really hope you enjoy it!



Oh No!

Fanny-Lu is not feeling well!

So her best friends Tallulah, Charlie, and Kitty-Witty make their way through the cold, wind, and snow to visit Fanny-Lu.

They want to take care of her until she feels better.

What could possibly go wrong?


Now Available on Amazon



I have also recently released the Tallulah Spider Sketchbooks and Diaries!

These books come in three different colors and are cool companions for the young artist/writer in your life.




Available on Amazon



In other news, I’m in the middle of writing a novella and a three-part, sweet romance series. This series will be set

in a small town in the mountains near a beautiful, blue lake. (OF COURSE!)  :) These will be written under a

pen name, but I’ll have more information in the fall or winter of this year.


As for now, thank you for visiting my website or connecting with me via email or social media. I really appreciate it!


Thank you!